WunShan Tea Farm

Make Love, With Music LOVE LOVE ROCK

Love Love Rock Festival has themes such as love, friends making and camping. The acclaimed music label - Taiwan Colors Music Co., Ltd. aka TCM, started this festival in 2008. It's normally held around No-vember 11th, known as Bachelor's Day in Greater Chinese community.

The festival is all about love and peace. Exactly the same ideology in Rock and Roll music. With all the tender and soft love songs, we're here to build a theme park of love for those who're searching for their significant others (well, if you're still miserably single). We're looking this into the most popular, yearly party of friendships. We find backpackers to be our perfect guests as we offer nothing but tents for your comfort stay. Step by step, we'll see Love Love Rock be the grandest camping festival with Love, love, and more love.

We would like to think of the season Fall as the season of love. WunShan Tea Farm in New Taipei City is where we're going to have Love Love Rock 2016 and it's less than an hour of driving from Taipei City. We welcome you with open arms to join us. The festival starts on November 11th to November 13th.

Love can, and will, bring us together.

General Info

Imagine yourself being single while you're in Love Love Rock Festival

  • Gate open at 12:30. The arena will be closed to those who have 1-day passes.
  • Limited motorcycle parking space available (capacity around 100 motorcycles). Parking lot that fits 30 cars will be opened to general public.
  • Dress yourself hot, sexy, and festive. Make sure to keep yourself warm, though.
  • Get ready for bugs. Long pants and long sleeves clothing are strongly recommended.
  • No audio recording. No video filming. Asking for permission to take photos of ANYONE is always a good manner.
  • Take a good care of personal belongings. One should be responsible for one's own possession.
  • More than enough food available. Various and delicious. We appreciate that you bring your own cutlery unless you want to use your fingers to enjoy your bento. Which is fine as long as you're happy with it.
  • Keep arena clean and organized. We have recycle and general waste bins available. Make a good use of them.
  • This is a tea farm. Respect the nature.
  • If inevitable natural disasters disturbing the arena and endangering the audience and our staff, we're subject to cancel or re-schedule the festival. Furthur information to be annouced later on the website.
  • All motored vehicles are not allowed in the arena
  • Note: the last shuttle bus leaves at 22:50. Audience will have to make other arrangements leaving the arena.

Tickets Info

Advanced 3 Days
Advanced 1 Days
Presales 1 Days
Presales 3 Days


  • One person, one ticket.
  • Show your ticket at gate, our staff will help you put on your wristband. Please keep it on your wrist at all time during festival.
  • 1-day passes wristbands are in different colors from Friday to Sunday. Please wear them accordingly. Staff will keep an eye on your wrist.
  • The last date of full refund is Tuesday, 1st of November, 2016 according to governmental law.

Special tickets available * exclusive for box office at the gate

  • Disabled Supporters Tickets: half price at NTD 750 (Photo ID required). One extra companion who also has the 50% off discount
  • Children Tickets : Free admission for children younger than 12. Every child must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Senior Tickets : Senior citizens above 65 years old can have a discount price of NTD 200. (Photo ID required)
  • Pets : NTD 100 for each pet for the purpose of sanitation
  • Group Tickets: 25% off discount tickets for when you purchase 30 tickets or more. Please call (02)2812-1921. Keyword: Love Love Rock 2016


Tent Hire Ticket






6 per tent


Product One campsite with one pre-pitched tent (no sleeping bags, no mattresses, you can rent things before coming to the festival beforehand)
Location WunShan campsite
Tent Size Tent for 8 (comfortable when there's no more than 6)
Facility There's simple equipment for barbecue, bring your own ingredient and enjoy your own cooking

Camping Ticket






8 per tent


Product One campsite and that's it. Have fun pitching your own tent! You're gonna love it
Location General campsite
Tent Size Tent for 8 (comfortable when there's no more than 6)
Facility Rent (or buy) anything you need to achieve your comfort level before coming in.
Parking One General Camping Ticket entitles you a parking space. Make sure you fill out the form Here!

Love Love Memo

  • Camping service is only available to those who've purchased 3-day pass tickets
  • Get your 3-day wristband at gate when showing your 3-day pass ticket.
  • Get your 3-day wristband indicating you've purchased Camping Tickets
  • You can start pitching your tents soon after we open the gate on Friday. You will have to leave and put things back to the state as it was by noon, November 14
  • Parking space are extremely limited and reserved to staff, artists, and those who've purchased General Camping Tickets
  • Wunshan campsite is equipped with electricity. No electricity in General campsite.
  • Campsites are reserved to those who've purchased 3-day passes.
  • See maps to locate shower rooms and restrooms.
  • Keep your personal belongings at your side at all times.
  • Breakfast available around campsite, there's more options than breakfast






愛愛舞台 愛愛餐廳 愛愛胖卡車餐飲區 單身咖啡座 愛情研究院 激凸步道 求愛廟 愛情不歸路 愛的大門<br />手環兌換處 洗澡間<br />廁所 愛情一條路 帳篷營位券區 撫摸舞台 洗澡間<br />廁所 激愛小舞廳<br />酒吧一條街 麥迪遜之橋 擁抱舞台 洗澡間<br />廁所 帳篷營位券區 寂寞芳心舞台車<br />卡拉OK單身派對 單身坡 帳篷營位券區 大鞦韆 野營券區 洗澡間<br />廁所 行者


    XinDian District WunShan Tea Farm

    No.100, Huzinei Rd., Xindian Dist.,
    New Taipei City 231

    Taipei MRT system is your good friend
    when it comes to festivals.

    NO PARKING spaces open to the general public

    How to get there

    We recommend that you take the MRT
    to XinDian station

    We have three different transportation
    from MRT station to arena.


    5 km


    15-20 min

    愛愛巴士 849公車 計程車

    Love Love Bus

    Bus go every 15 to 20 minutes.
    NTD 30 per ride

    There's a Love Love Bus stop sign less than 100 meters away by the sidewalk, you can't miss it.

    First bus leaving Bus stop at 12:00

    Last bus going back to MRT station at 22:50

    official shuttle bus

    Shared Taxi

    approximately NTD 200

    You can start making friends here.

    Share the taxi and pay a little more than shuttle bus costs. The result: making new friends.

    XinDian city bus 849

    Bus go every 15 to 20 minutes.
    One Bus ticket per ride

    Stop at Shan Zhon Baan and Love Love is 50 meters away

    First 0530、Last 2140

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